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August 2014

EP OnRoad Rules have been updated.

AARCMCC Nationals Dates

IC On Road : RRCSA - Littlehampton, SA - 2nd–5th October 2014
Rain Day - 6th October 2014
AARCMCC IC On Road Section AGM - 3rd October 2014

EP Off Road : CORMCC - Narrabundah, ACT - 22nd-26th October, 2014
Rain Day - 27th October 2014

LS On Road : RRCSA - Littlehampton, SA - 7th-9th November, 2014

EP On Road : ACTMCRC - Kambah, ACT - 13th-17th November, 2014


May 2014

IC On road GT Draft GT rules are available in the downloads section


October 2013

AARCMCC Affiliations are due for renewal on 1st November. Updated
membership form is now available on the downloads page.

IC OnRoad National Titles
200mm Nitro Pull Start Champion - Ben Dunn (NSW)
200mm IC Onroad champion - Peter Jovanovic (VIC)
1/8th Scale IC Onroad Champion - Jeff Hamon (QLD)

IC Onroad AGM was held at NSWRCRCC, Moorebank, NSW on 4th October.
Thanks to those clubs who participated. Section Head - Brad Davis, Secretary Michael Turner, Committee Aaron Lee.


September 2013

Large Scale Off Road rules have been updated.
Large Scale On Road mini rules have been added.

The IC Onroad Natioanls are being held at NSWRCRCC, Moorebank, NSW this year. The section AGM will
also be held as this meeting on Thursday 4th October at the conclusion of the days racing.
The AARCMCC annual financial statement will be tabled at this meeting.


August 2013

Thanks to all those Clubs who responded to the special resolutions.

Result was 100% in favour of incorporation

Result was 91.4% in favour of adopting the new constitution

Thanks to the volunteers from NSWRCRCCC and PDNR acting as returns officer and scrutineer


June 2013

Notice to all Member Clubs

AARCMCC has posted to your mail address two special resolutions.
The 1st resolution is on incorporation of the Association.
The 2nd resolution is the adoption of an updated constitution.
Voting materials must be returned in the envelopes provided and must be received by the
Returns Officer no later than 28th June 2013.




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