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August 2015

Large Scale OnRoad Body Rules have been updated.

IFMAR World Championships 1/5 Large Scale
Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia - September 4 - 12
4 competiors representing Australia

IFMAR World Championships 1/10 Electric Off Road.
Yatabe Arena, Tsuuba City, Japan - October 3 - 10
9 competiors representing Australia



October 2014

Large Scale OnRoad Rules have been updated.

Congratulations to Kyle McBride from PHDR (FEMCA/AARCMCC). Kyle finished an impressive 4th place,
just 7 seconds behind 2nd place at the IFMAR 1/8th IC Off Road World Titles held in Messina, Italy earier this month.

IC On Road National Championships were held at Littlehampton, South Australia.
Congratulations to the following 2014 champions;
1/8 Scale On Road - Ric Bartolozzi (NSWRCRCC)
1/10 200mm Nitro Tourer - Jessie Davis (MRCCR)
1/10 200mm Pullstart - Jason Cavanagh (RRCSA)
1/8 GT - Matthew Oxford (PDNR)

IC On Road section AGM was held. Rules updates will be posted in the downloads section for 2015.
IC Onroad AARCMCC delgates for 2015 are Peter Jovanovic Snr - VIC (Section Head),
Michael Turner - NSW (Secretary), Dan Kradolfer - SA (Delegate).
Thanks to Brad Davis, outgoing section head, for his work and efforts to support and grow
RC car racing in Australia over the past 8 years. Brad will continue to support RC car racing in
Australia in his capacities with FEMCA.

AARCMCC Memberships are due for renewal on 1st November.
We are currently finalising the natioanl insurance policy as part of the membership fee
and should have renewal notices out to member clubs late October.


August 2014

EP OnRoad Rules have been updated.

AARCMCC Nationals Dates

IC On Road : RRCSA - Littlehampton, SA - 2nd–5th October 2014
Rain Day - 6th October 2014
AARCMCC IC On Road Section AGM - 3rd October 2014

EP Off Road : CORMCC - Narrabundah, ACT - 22nd-26th October, 2014
Rain Day - 27th October 2014

LS On Road : RRCSA - Littlehampton, SA - 7th-9th November, 2014

EP On Road : ACTMCRC - Kambah, ACT - 13th-17th November, 2014


May 2014

IC On road GT Draft GT rules are available in the downloads section