The IC Off Road Section is all about nitro engined 1/8th Buggy, Truggy and Monster Truck Off Road radio controlled racing.


21/11/10 The drivers overall pointscores for 2010 has been amended.

22/11/10 The calendar for 2011 has been updated. FEMCA Truggys, Qld States, and SA States have all been confirmed.

21/11/10 The drivers overall pointscores for 2010 has been updated.

28/10/10 The calendar for 2011 has been posted, the link is on the side menu. A number of events are still to be confirmed.

27/03/10 There is a new comittee elected for IC Offroad. Please check state Delegates Page for your new contact. Also please welcome Josh Pain(Section Head) and Rick Penlington(Secretary).

15/02/10 Nominations for the 2010 IC Buggy Worlds in Thailand is open. Entries will be in order of worlds pointscore. Closing date for entry is June 1st. Payment of au$300 is payable to AARCMCC prior to closing date. Entry Form is top left or here.

3/02/10 Nomination List for AARCMCC IC Offroad Executive is posted top Left. Positions available are Section Head, Secretary and State delegates for all states including NT and Tasmania. To nominate please send email here . It will also be possible to nominate on the day.

1/02/10 Hi all, As we approach the 1/8th Buggy Nationals for this year as with past years the position of I.C OFFROAD Section Head and Secretary are up for grabs. Just to update you where we are at;
         We are in the final stages of completing the sponsor agreement for this year. I can say presently it sounds Fantastic and will once again allow us with the kind help of the primary sponsor and support of Peter Cooper (Slyfox) some great events for your members to attend. All going well we hope to have the money secured and in the bank by end of February Y2010 and a formal announcement will follow directly.
The calendar is almost firmed up with some nine events posted. The most recent version with all news can be down loaded from the web site;
          The points series has been updated and the results will be used for this years 1/8th buggy Worlds seeding. We have been advised we have two spots but unofficially we expect this number to increase. Addition of rule amendments for electric buggies and some minor adjustments to event requirements have been completed, again available on web site. 
           We are working on procurement of scrutineering test equipment for each state for sanction events using the surplus Y2009 sponsor funds. We hope to have these available for distribution shortly to each state delegate for safe keeping and rotation for clubs holding sanction events in each state.
          Personally I doubt I will not be continuing on in this role after this year. After doing this job for several years now and it is only fair new ideas are brought into the mix. So if you think you can help here or even would like to offer your services as state delegates please put up your hand.
          Formal nomination can be sent to my self or Brad Smith. Once received these along with any nominations at the AGM scheduled for March at the Nationals in S.A will be considered and voted for on the day.

Thankyou once again for your support and happy racing..........Paul Wyllie

21/12/09 The 2010 Calendar has been updated with a revised date for the IC Offroad Pre Worlds in Thailand.

24/11/09 The first event for the 2010 AARCMCC season will be the IC Buggy National Championships 18-21 March at SDMCC in South Australia. Please note it has been confirmed subject to compliance with some improvements to the facilities at the Adelaide club. We have been assured that the  club will have the necessary improvements in place in time to host this event, and we have every confidence that they will produce a venue worthy of Australias premier event for 2010.

23/11/09 The 2010 Calendar is available now. The AARCMCC IC Offroad Point Scores have concluded for 2009. Congratulations to Josh Pain (Buggy) and Ian Haley (Truggy) for winning the 2009 Series Championships. The Worlds Qualifying pointscore for Buggy is also finalised .

19/08/09 Please be aware there is an updated list of approved mufflers here. This list as well as the current list will be used for the rest of the year. This updated list will come into effect for Australian IC Offroad sanctioned events as of 1st of January 2010. Until then mufflers from either list will be acceptable for AARCMCC IC Offroad events.

16/07/09 Please note the South Australian Combined State Championships are now Scheduled for 12-15 of November. Entry form will be available soon. 2009 Truggy / MT Nationals Entry Form available here.

10/10/08 2009 Calendar is available here. Entry forms for 2008 SA Titles and 2009 Australian Buggy Titles are on entry forms page. If possible entering events online at is prefered.

22/04/08 Latest AARCMCC affilliated Club Listing is up. Only financial members of these clubs are eligible to compete in sanctioned events . As new clubs join we will add them to the list.

10/04/08 We are a little oversubscribed for the Nationals and it is likely we will have to cut practice to 2 X 10 minute heats to be able to fit 6 qualifyers in . Also Stadium Truck will have to be only 4 qualifyers instead of 6 as all entrants will make semis anyway. Otherwise we will have to cull numbers and we don't want to do that.
The new IFMAR rules re 8th and 4th finals being 30 minutes will also not be adopted at this event due to time restraints. We will however be doing 13-14 car qualifyers and ALL finals will be 12 cars, including the mains. All entrants are advised to be at the track ready to race at 8AM every day. This is subject to change if numbers dictate so it is not 100% just yet..

04/04/08 The AGM for IC Offroad section will be held at the National Buggy Champs in Maryborough 24-27 April . Agenda will be to vote in Section Head, Section Secretary and state delegates. Entry Form for 2008 ACT Combined event available in entry forms page.

27/11/07 Entry Form for 2008 Buggy/Stadium National Titles available in entry forms page.

13/11/07 Entry Form for 2008 Queensland Combined Event available in Entry Forms. Final standings for World Qualifying Points are here

01/11/07 Can all Drivers wishing to attend the 2008 Buggy Worlds in USA please email Brad Smith or Paul Wyllie as soon as possible .We need to try to get a firm number of allocations. As it looks like numbers will be increased to 180 we may be able to get more than the probable 4-5 spots. Email addresses are in contacts page.
After this year due to the low numbers we are not getting clubs wanting to hold Truggy/MT only events . Most want to combine the Buggy/ Truggy/MT/Stadium back into one vent. Probably we will be better off doing this next year with more clubs having bigger tracks and larger drivers stands able to handle up to 15 drivers.

12/10/07 Proposals have been submitted for changes to pointscores and MT classes for next year . All clubs should have received an email detailing these changes. All AARCMCC clubs that are affiliated with IC section are entitled to vote on these proposals.

09/10/07 Results for ACT Truggy/MT Titles are available in race results page. Also time requirements page has been fixed.

19/09/07 Please note the latest and hopefully last revision of the Y2008 calendar is up here, please take the time to review this. We now need to lock in the proposed venues that these events will be held at and as you can see we still have some blanks or waiting for clubs to confirm there expression of interest here. In particular we need to firm up details for the NSW event in February; as in all cases we like to have the sanction forms completed six (6) months prior to allow drivers to make arrangments, so that's about now. Once again this form can be found on the web site for downloading or if need be we can supply. We would request if your club is in a position to host an event and it is free please speak to your state delegate or us ASAP.
          As we are heading towards the silly season we still have some great racing left in ACT, Vic and SA and some valuable worlds points up for grabs. We are confident these will be well run and very enjoyable for all. We encourage your participation and support for these events.
          Reflecting back it has been a year of change; we hope you are happy how things are progressing and ask you to continue to support the associations, clubs and individual who give their time on a unconditional basis to promote and maintain the effective running of this sport for YOU "they are the true champions here".
         As the class split enters it second year, we acknowledge this has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for some (including us), as in all aspects of life you will always have your "Glad" and "Sad" followers. However we will say the general feedback thus far is these events have been excellent, (albeit larger participation in some cases may have been better), we must look at the bigger picture we are in a transition and learning stage.
        We also ask you to consider the previous year, with combined numbers that were swelling and in some cases unmanageable. Indeed and without a doubt several rain effected buggy races held this year such as ACT and QLD may have been a wash-out with the old class mix.
        As a spin off of the class split we are now seeing a revival of the S.T class, we hope this trend continues. The new M.T class is here to stay, as this has been their first year it is a bit new to them and Y2008 could be the year they show us all.
       There are a few proposal coming out including a revised points scheme, some vehicle rule amendments and a proposal for section head elections via internet, please look out for these.
       Finally like all projects you start with an idea and what you end up with may be very different then what originally planned. We are sure the next committee will be receptive of your comments, proactive and wish them the best.

Have a great day and happy racing..........
Paul Wyllie

19/09/07 Results for 2007 Vic Truggy/MT Titles are here. Congratulations to Ron Maya and Scott Mathews.

16/09/07 The final Draft of the 2008 Calendar for Sanctioned events in Australia is Posted here. As events are confirmed the calendar will be updated. Dates will not be changed except for very exceptional circumstances . If no club is willing to hold the event it will be cancelled for the year.

15/09/07 Correspondence from EFRA re changes to approved exhausts is posted here.

29/08/07 Latest pointscores are available in Drivers Pointscores Page.

27/08/07 2007 Qld Buggy Championships results are online in Race Results page.

17/08/07 Western Australian 2008 Buggy/Truggy?MT/Stadium event entry form is available in entry forms page.

15/08/07 South Australian Combined event in November 2007 is now confirmed and the entry form is available in the entry forms page.

13/08/07 Please note that WA State Buggy/Stadium/Truggy/MT Combined Event has been confirmed for the Australia Day Weekend in January 2008. A draft 2008 calendar wiil be online very soon.

09/08/07 Offroad rules have been updated slightly due to some inaccuracies . Please be aware that version 21 is the one to be used for all events as of 01/08/07.

09/08/07 Proposals to be sent to clubs soon will be for 2008 Truggy/ MT National Champions to be decided by pointscore over the entire year. The series would require drivers to enter a set number of State Title events to qualify, and best 3 of minimum 4 events to count. Also the event in each competitors home state would be double points. As well there is a proposal to combine the existing 2 MT classes into one unlimited MT Class.

20/07/07 Due to unforseen circumstances the ACT Club has asked for the ACT Truggy/MT State Title to be shifted from the December Date to 5-7 of October. Therefore the calendar has been changed to accommodate this.

27/06/07 Online Nomination for events is now available. First event is Qld Buggy /Stadium Titles in Rockhampton. You will need to register and then you can nominate for any event on the AARCMCC calendar. If clubs are not able to administer this new feature the AARCMCC offroad delegates can  organise the online details.

16/06/07 If the MT class is not supported this year at sanctioned events there will be be no choice but to reconfigure next years calendar to reflect this lack of interest. It seems that we were a little mislead when we gauged the interest in holding sanctioned events for MT. Please prove this assumption wrong.....regards Brad Smith/Paul Wyllie.

16/06/07 Thanks to Slyfox Australia we will soon have an online nomination system for sanctioned events in Australia. This means all clubs holding an event will have a real time entry form . Each entry will have a date stamp which will expire in 4 weeks unless entries are paid by cheque, money order or via direct deposit .This will ensure that any events that reach a predetermined cap of entries actually have valid entrants. There may be a small cost to clubs for this feature but it will not be excessive.

15/06/07 Reminder to all affilliated clubs that AARCMCC fees will be due as of 1st of July. It would be appreciated if all clubs could send a current member list with their their renewal fees as soon as possible. We hope to have a full member list available to race organisers for the next years events.

15/06/07 Entry forms and race results pages updated.

14/06/07 To all affiliated AARCMCC clubs;

After due consideration of all parties as well as the review of the current Y2007 AARCMCC race schedule, that includes not only Nitro Off road but Electric and Nitro On road, it is the decision of the duly appointed Nitro Off road committee that the Y2007 NSW 1/8th offroad Buggy title be allowed to be re-run at the discretion of the original host club. However importantly there will be No Worlds Qualification points awarded for this event. In regard to when the event shall be run. We have provided several windows of opportunity for the host club and we will advise accordingly if and when the date has been finalised. We respectively thank you for your understanding with this matter and wish the host club all the best in the future. We also ask the Nitro community for there ongoing support. Brad Smith / Paul Wyllie.

12/06/07 Due to the overwhelming response it is obvious the rule to increase truggy engine capacity is to be carried as a YES vote. Therefore as of the 1st of June 2007 for all sanction AARCMCC Truggy events there will be an increase in engine capacity to a max of .28 with or without pull start fitted or operational for this class only. AARCMCC IC Offroad rules will be updated shortly.

12/06/07 Entry Forms for upcoming events available here

12/06/07 NSW Buggy/Stadium State Titles at Redhead was unfortunately washed out with only 2 rounds of qualifying possible. No decision has been made as to whether the event will be re run or abandoned for this year.

12/06/07 IFMAR exhaust list has finally been updated. Full list can be found here. This will come into effect from the Queensland Buggy/Stadium Titles in Rockhampton.